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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 5.4 update

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:15 am
by Pablo
What's new in 5.4?
- Fixed: Hint Text in Site Search is not applied.
- Improved: Added support for boolean attributes in HTML formatter (readonly, autofocus, multiple etc).
- Improved: Implemented 'accept' attribute for the File Upload object. This specifies the types of files that the file input accepts in the file browser. This works in combination with the form validation.
- Improved: 'Automatically include viewport meta tag' now also works in combination with Flex Containers.
- Improved: CSS gradients now use the latest syntax. Dropped browser prefixes.
- Improved: Carousel next/previous buttons vertical alignment in breakpoints.
- New feature: Added 'background-size' property to animations and transitions.
- New feature: Added 'none' option to the Layout Grid overflow properties. This will disable responsive columns, so column widths will be the same in all breakpoints (just like in QWB4).

You can download version 5.4 here:

The update is also available in the Mac App Store