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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder roadmap

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:20 am
by Pablo
Although we have just started this product, we'd like to share our future plans for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder.
The planned features are subject to change and mainly depend on the 'success' of the product. Please support Quick 'n Easy Web Builder by buying a license and encourage us to continue improving the software.

Version 1 (initial release)
The main goal is to get a stable core for future development.

Version 2
In version 2 we (try to) port the following features from WYSIWYG Web Builder 8:
jQuery UI widgets
jQuery Theming
Login tools/protect pages/user management
Site search
@font-face support
Zooming support
Merge objects
Improvements slideshow/news feed ticker/photo gallery/rollover/etc
and more...

Version 3
Responsive Web Design
CSS3 Animations and Transitions
Anchored and Floating layers

Version 4
Responsive Styles in Style Manager and different backgrounds/fonts/color in breakpoints

Layout grid
Provides the quick and easy way to create multi column responsive (floating) layouts

HTML/CSS/JavaScript improvements
New beautify and minify options for HTML/CSS Optimized JavaScript functionality with delayed loading, minify and external file support)

ScrollSpy / Affix support.
Smooth scrolling,
Link transitions,
Layer Menu,
Synchronize with Site Manager
and more

Create single page - full screen layouts
Bootstrap-like modal layer

Responsive Photo Gallery
Lazy loading
Retina images
new rollover animations.
Built-in FontAwesome icons

Re: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder roadmap

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 2:33 pm
by Pablo
Version 5 (planned for autumn 2017)
Blocks are ‘building blocks’ that make it possible to quickly create a website by dragging predefined blocks to the workspace.

Flexbox is a new CSS layout mode that introduces a powerful way to lay out, align and distribute objects.

Form Conditions and Calculations
Show/hide/enable/disable objects based on the value/selection of a form input field. Or calculate values based on values/selections of other fields.

Scroll Transitions
With Scroll transitions you can animate CSS properties of objects depending on the position of the scrollbar.

Layout Grid
Different column widths/counts in breakpoints, hide columns in breakpoints, flexbox support and more!

Full Page Layouts
Create full page layouts with the Carousel.

and much more...

UPDATE: Version 5 is now available!

Re: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder roadmap

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:10 pm
by Pablo
Version 6 (planned for autumn 2018)

Flex Grid
Introduces a new way of designing responsive web pages based on CSS Grid Layout

Google Fonts Manager
Preview and install Google Fonts directly from within the application.

A card is a lightweight, flexible content container. With header, footer, a wide variety of content and powerful display options.

Structured Data
Provide a better browsing experience for users on your website and in search engines, and improve your SEO with the built-in JSON-LD generator.

Responsive Menus
New Overlay Menu, and many improvements to Panel Menu, Themable Menu, Mega Menu etc

And Much More!
New Wizard object, Flexible Carousel, Site Search improvements, new master page functionality, 64bit support, SecureFTP etc.