'FROM' address not available to edit on wizard created forms

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Metcalfe P
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'FROM' address not available to edit on wizard created forms

Post by Metcalfe P » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:16 am

New here, using the program which works well for some quick sites and remedial work, this IS form related but also looks to possibly be as bug.

Created a form using the wizard. set everything as needed (inc. captcha) and the form works but I cannot see where to change the from address (default looks to be sds@sds.sds)

The online help says;
Specifies the 'from' email address for the email message

but there is no from address option in the objects properties, is it on the main site properties?

Tried the add on form creator (the ability to send to a department is something that would be excellent in the wizard one) but getting captcha running (nowhere for public key) is not 'quick or easy' the fact there are in depth notes shows that.

Am I just missing the from setting location?


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Re: 'FROM' address not available to edit on wizard created f

Post by Pablo » Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:09 am

I think you have misread the help. The 'from' property applies to the Auto Responder option.

There is no 'from' property for form script because the 'from' address will be the address the visitor entered (in the 'email' field).
If your form does not have an 'email' field then the email address you have specified in the 'email address' will be used ad the 'from' address.

Please read:

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