Updating a Carousel

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Updating a Carousel

Post by espesoji »

First of all, I'd like to thank you for this great piece of software that allows maintaining a web without needing to go much in detail into the code.

I have a carousel in the index page of my web, and I need to update it from time to time with new items. The most convenient way to update it would be to add a new element at the beginning of the carousel, but when you add a new element it appears at the end.
I've tried to minimize this issue by applying a backward-circular animation, so that, except the oldest element, the new ones are always presented first. The problem arises when I try now to eliminate the oldest element (which is the one placed at the first slide), as I need to go on copying and pasting all the rest of slides before eliminating the last one. Is there any other way to rearrange the slides into a carousel?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Updating a Carousel

Post by Pablo »

There is currently no option to rearrange the pages of the Carousel. This is related to the complicated structure of this object, where rearranging the pages could possibly corrupt the HTML structure.
But you can post suggestions in the 'Suggestions' section of this forum. If more users find this useful then I will consider it for future development.
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