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Hi Cris,
you are right about the characters being shown online.
And the smallest problem is Arial ;-) so I will not use any google font either!
Actually I am completely rebuilding a site due to that problem.
It works very well, whenever you build a page from scratch. If you try to change font faces and adjustments, suddenly everything is mixes up.
Therefore, after more or less finishing a page, I remove all the character formatting and start over with reformatting all texts. Then everything works fine.
Regarding the links I sent you, I did not mean to send competitors links.... just some related links to show how nice everything can look if one does NOT try to put as much information as possible on a page, remove personal (unprofessional) info from a professional page or avoid information which is shown small it will be missed on a standard screen.
And mainly to show you the big advantages of a responsive design wich makes it unnecessary to use so many breakpoints and objects.

Anyway that is just my small grain of sand I wanted to contribute.
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