PNG Text Insert Image Distorted

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PNG Text Insert Image Distorted

Post by paulsmail »

Just wondering if there might be an issue. When I insert a png image of a pedigree chart the text is all distorted. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I also have WYSIWYG Web Builder and it inserts into that with no issue. I am re doing a web site in Quick and easy so I can put it on my wifes mac. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: PNG Text Insert Image Distorted

Post by Pablo »

The software will publish images "AS IS". So, maybe the format is not supported by the browser?
Or maybe you have another image with the same name?

If you need further assistance then please share a DEMO project so I can see what you have done.
Related FAQ (please read before sharing project): ... 10&t=45024
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