Glitches in Link when Previewing

Issues related to previewing and publishing your web site.
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Glitches in Link when Previewing

Post by mexman »

I am ALWAYS using the Preview Scope "Complete site" but the publishing links do not work:

A link is shown well in the status line of the Browser, when hovering about the linking object (text), but after clicking, the linked page is "not found".
After publishing everything, the links work fine, just not when previewing.

It will take me some time building a test page for you, urgent project to finish first!

EDIT: Just sent a sample showing the problem by mail!

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Re: Glitches in Link when Previewing

Post by Pablo »

You are previewing a PHP page. PHP pages can only be viewed on the server.

The reason why you can preview the first page is because you have enabled 'Remove PHP code during preview'
However, this does not change the site structure of the website. So, internal links will not be updated. This feature only is a 'hack' to enable you to preview the active page.
That is why the page cannot be found if called from another page, because the PHP page does not exist.

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