Not publish in v6.03

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Not publish in v6.03

Post by cch »

I installed the new version 6.03 from the Apple Store and have a problem with my website file. I cannot publish the website. When I pulse on the Publish button, the process starts and I receive an error message:

"Impossible to overwrite the file ...." for all the HTML files, img, etc

I cleared the local directory and I continue receiving the same message.
To upload files from the local disk directory to the server I use Filezilla 3.
I had no problems before actualized.

Thanks in advance
Carlos Chetrit
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Re: Not publish in v6.03

Post by Pablo »

I do not think this has anything to do with the update.
This indicates a problem with permissions on your computer.
Please make sure the software has permissions to write files on your computer.
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Re: Not publish in v6.03

Post by mexman »

Carlos: Did you check if the publishing settings (server settings) are still okay? Depending from which version you updated, maybe they are not carried over.
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