Action and Encodingtype greyed

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Action and Encodingtype greyed

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I'm a new user and tried to create a php/mysql supported Form.
Following the tutorial:
I find the 2 required properties (Action and Encodingtype) for the form in my main page is greyed and I cannot change them.

the current value:
Action <?php echo basename(__FILE__); ?>
Encoding Type multipart/form-data

Another question about Form is, I cannot put it into a fixed layout/frame like some other components in the tempalte. and this lead to the form always located in a fix location of the page even after the browser turned to the Maxium size. the form cannot automatically move to an appropriate location along with some other components.

Need your help, Thanks,
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Re: Action and Encodingtype greyed

Post by Pablo »

If you enable the built-in form processor script then these values cannot be changed, because otherwise the script would not work.
If you want to implement your own script then set 'Enable form processor' to 'false'.

By design, a form uses absolute positions, because it a layer. You can make it responsive by adding breakpoinys.
If you want to create a flexible form then use a layout grid instead.
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