Quick 'n Easy Web Builder release candidate (update)

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*** Current version: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0 ***

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder release candidate (update)

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Updated versions of the release candidate for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder are now available:

This version is 'feature complete', which means that this is probably the last version before the official release.

What's new in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 1.0 RC2 ?
- Fixed: Copy/paste only copies first selected object (if Object manager is active)
- Fixed: Sticky layer Y offset bug.
- Fixed: Invalid relative URLs when using folders.
- New feature: Added 'Hide object' to the context menu in Object Manager.
- New feature: Added docking mode in Layers.
- New feature: Added Gradient editor to edit predefined multi-color gradients (Menu->Format->Styles).
- New feature: Added Publish target folders (Preferences->Publish).
- New feature: Include page name in automatically generated ID attributes.
plus many other minor improvements.