How to backup (and restore) projects?

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How to backup (and restore) projects?

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder has several built-in backup features to make sure you won't loose all your work in case a file becomes corrupt or your hard disk crashes.

Standard backup
You can enable this option in Preferences->Miscellaneous->Backups.
If the Backup count is higher than 0 then the software will make a backup copy of the previous version of the project each time your save your work.
The backup will be stored in the specified backup folder.
If you make lots of changes then it's probably a good idea to set a high 'Backup count' (16 or more) so you can easily go back to a previous version.

Auto backup
Enable this option to automatically make backup copy of your project every 5, 15, or 30 minutes. This may help you restore your work if your computer crashes unexpectedly.
The name of the backup will be myproject_autobackup.qwb and it will also be stored in the backup folder.

Restoring a backup
Copy the project back to the documents folder and restore its original name. For example:
Backup name: /Documents/Quick 'n Easy Web Builder/backups/myproject_01.qwb
Original name: /Documents/Quick 'n Easy Web Builder/myproject.qwb

Note that in all cases only the project file will be back-upped, not the images or other assets. So in case of a hard disk crash you will need to recreated project folder with images too.
Basically this means you manually create the folder with the same name as the project and copy all images (and other assets) from the server to this folder. But of course this is always better than having to create everything from scratch. You can also specify the location of the images via Asset manager.

Manually making a backup
By default all projects file will be saved in the folder /Documents/Quick 'n Easy Web Builder.
Each project uses its own sub folder (with the same name as the project) to store images and other files.
So in order to backup your work, make sure you backup this whole folder, plus all folders where you have stored the websites assets (images, movies, etc).