Twitter functionality in News Feed Ticker no longer works!

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Twitter functionality in News Feed Ticker no longer works!

Post by pablo »

Starting today, Twitter has stopped support for its unauthenticated API.
This means that the Twitter functionality in the News Feed Ticker no longer works.
Unfortunately there is currently no work around because Twitter no longer allows unauthenticated requests to their servers.

Basically this means that from now on, everyone who wants to get data from Twitter must have a Twitter developer account and must use OAuth for authentication.
Not only does this mean that we will have to redesign the News feed Ticker code (which will take some time) but it's also going to make the use of this feature more complicated because you will need to deal with authentication and permissions.

Note that there is nothing we can do about Twitter's decision to stop supporting this functionality and this is nothing specific to Quick 'n Easy Web Builder!

As soon as we have another solution we will of course tell you about it.