Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.0 released!

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*** Current version: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0 ***

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.0 released!

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What's new in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.0?

- Improved: For many object we’ve moved the inline style attributes to the style sheet, resulting in cleaner HTML code.
- New feature: Added 'Recent colors' to color picker. For quick access to the 14 last used colors.
- New feature: Added zoom functionality to the workspace.
- New feature: Added 'Check for updates online' in help menu.
- New feature: Added the possibility to select all objects above, below, left or right of the selected object. This can be useful if you want to insert a new object between other objects.
- New feature: Added ‘Enable HTML beautifier’ to HTML options. Formats HTML so it looks better and is easier to read.
- New feature: Added 'Optimize inline styles' to HTML options. This is option attempts to cleanup the HTML code by moving inline styles to the page's style sheet.

Mac version
- The software is now build on cocoa instead carbon.
- Mac App Store version now is now sandboxed. Please read the sandbox notes in the manual.

Linux version
- Improved: Linux version now also supports shadows in shapes and box shadows in other objects (just like the Windows and mac versions).
- Improved: The software is now compatible with unity menus.

- New feature: added 'direction' property to page.
- New feature: added stretch background option to page properties.
- New feature: You can now set the 'theme' for all jQuery components within the page. See also: Theme Manager.
- New feature: Added 'Compatibility' selection to Internet Explorer specific Page Properties. This option enables IE to emulate previously versions of this browser: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... px#SetMode

Theme Manager
- New Feature: Added Theme Manager to create themes for jQuery objects directly from within the application. And although the Theme Manager was designed to create themes for jQuery UI widgets, other objects do also support the themes!

Object Manager
- New feature: Added "Toggle Visibility' toolbar button in the Object Manager.

Asset Manager
- New feature: Added Asset Manager to manage the locations of images and other files. This can be useful when moving files to another computer or update the location of image (and other files).
It can also be used to clean up orphan files from the project folder that are no longer used in the project.

- New feature: Added 'Easing' options to ShowWithEffect/HideWithEffect event actions, more than 30 easing functions to control the animation process. This option can be used for example to create 'bounch' effects.

Error reports
- Improved: Error Reports now includes the name of the file in filename related errors.
- New feature: Error reports will display an error if the 'index' page has upper case characters ('Index' or 'INDEX' is invalid).
- New feature: Error reports will check for common errors in custom HTML code. For example: Scripts should not be placed at the start of the page or the use of HTML tags inside the body tag. It will also check for duplicated <html>, <head> and <body> tags in the Page HTML.

Extension Manager
- Improved: Added 'Display updates only' optiomn to Extension Manager.

Web Fonts (@font-face):
- New feature: Added the ability to manually configure @font-face web fonts. Supports EOT, WOFF TTF and SVG fonts.
- New feature: Added support for 'Google Fonts'. If this option is enabled then the software will assume that all non web safe fonts you are using are Google Web Fonts and it will automatically generate a link to the font in the HTML code, so you do not have to do that manually.

Merge Objects
- New feature: Added the ability to merge multiple objects into a single image! This can be useful for merging multiple (layered) shapes into a single image, so this will reduce the number of generated images and speed up loading of the website page. Although this was mainly for use with image and shapes, it works for other objects as well. You can use the ‘Split’ command to convert the merged objects back to the original objects again.

Flash Video Player
- New feature: Flash Video Player HTML5 support

Photo Gallery
- New feature: Added box shadow option (blur, offset and color)
- New feature: Added Polariod frame style this uses CSS3 and has a few cool effects like rotated or variable sized polariods. Yet another way to create amazing photo galleries.

Slide Show
- New feature: Added 'conveyer belt' option to slideshow.

Roll over
- Improved: If animation is set to 'None' then the object will use CSS instead of JavaScript.
- New feature: Added 'Easing' property with more than 30 easing functions to control the animation process.
- New feature: Added 'Zoom' animation.
- New feature: Added 'Scale' animation. Uses CSS3 to display a larger version of the image. Uses transformation, CSS3 box shadow, a nice image caption when possible (experimental).
- New feature: Added 'Sliding door' animation. This make it looks like the image is splitted into half and one goes left and the other one goes right. Also support easing effects!

Roll Over Text
- New Feature: RollOver Text, displays a text banner over image on mouse over. Includes cool slide and fade effects.

Site Map
- New feature: Added 'Don't include this page in the site map' option in Site Map configuration window.

Master Frames
- New feature: Added border-radius and box-shadow options to Content Place Holder.

News Feed Ticker
- New feature: Now also supports Atom Syndication Format for RSS feeds.

- Improved: You can now leave the email address empty if you do not want to send an email with the PHP form processor.
- Improved: Forms events can now also be used in combination with validation.
- New feature: Error reports will display an error if a form is using 'mailto:', because it's unreliable. Consider using the built-in form processor instead.
- New feature: Added new option in form processor: 'Include IP address is form data'.

- New feature: Added 'Padding' option.
- New feature: Added 'Place Holder' option to TextArea
- New feature: Added 'Max Length' option to TextArea

- New feature: Added datalist (HTML5) support to combobox. A datalist is a a combination between a combobox and an editbox. The user can select data from a list or enter the value manually.

HTML5 audio/video
- New feature: Added shortcuts for HTML5 audio and video in the menu and toolbar.

- New feature: Added 'Alternative image' property. Allows you to specify an alternative image for platforms that do not support Flash.

- New feature: Added 'padding' option.

- New feature: Added 'Remove all effects' to the effect menu to quickly remove all applied effects.

- New feature: Added 'text' option to shape!
- New feature: Added new option 'Publish as <canvas>', uses HTML5's canvas tag instead of an image (output format property).
- New feature: Basic shapes (rectangle, ellipse, rounded corner) can now also be exported as CSS3!

- New feature: Banner can now be published as standard text with CSS3 markup instead of an image. Supports borders, (gradient) backgrounds, text shadow and text styling (output format property).

Horizontal line
- Improved: Line height is no longer limited to 100 pixels.
- New feature: Added 'Use jQuery UI Theme' option. Renders the object using the style of the current page theme.

CSS menu
- Improved: Now also supports vista, glossy and glass gradient styles.
- New feature: Added 'transparent' background mode.

Navigation bar
- Improved: If animation is set to 'None', the object will now use CSS instead of JavaScript.
- New feature: Added padding properties.
- New feature: Added support for themes. Renders the object using the style of the current page theme. See Theme Manager for more details.

- New feature: Added 'Use jQuery UI Theme' option. Renders the object using the style of the current page theme. See Theme Manager for more details.

Tab Menu
- New feature: Added 'Use jQuery UI Theme' option. Renders the object using the style of the current page theme.
- New feature: Added 'border radius' option to create rounded corners for the tabs.
- New feature: Added 'spacing' option.
- New feature: Added 'padding' option.

- New feature: Added 'Use jQuery UI Theme' option.

Mega Menu:
- New feature: Added 'Mega Menu' object to tools. Yet another menu to enhance your website.

Site Search
- New Feature: Site Search, easily add site search functionality to your website. The search index can be created based on meta tags or the page content. Support auto complete.

jQuery UI
- New feature: jQuery Accordion. The jQuery Accordion object displays collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space.
- New feature: jQuery Auto Complete. AutoComplete can replace a standard editbox. It enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type.
- New feature: jQuery Button. The jQuery Button enhances standard button (normal, submit, reset or anchor/link) to themable buttons with appropriate mouseover and active styles.
- New feature: jQuery Dialog. A dialog is a floating window that contains a title bar and a content area. You can drag & drop objects to the dialog to make then part of the window
- New feature: jQuery Date Picker. The jQuery DatePicker offers a sophisticated and featrure-rich UI component for inputting dates into a form. The object provides a graphical calendar that pops up if you click inside the form field.
- New feature: jQuery Progressbar. The progress bar is designed to simply display the current % complete for a process. For example as part of a customized upload script or to display the status of an Online Survey.
- New feature: jQuery Slider. The slider widget represents a value that is selected by dragging the thumb along the background. It's a simple widget, comprised of two main elements: the slider handle (also called the thumb) and the slider background
- New feature: jQuery Tabs. The tab control is a single content area with multiple panels. The user can click the tabs to switch between the panels.
- New feature: jQuery Menu. Themable (multi level) menu with mouse and keyboard interactions for navigation.
- New feature: jQuery Spinner. Enhance a text input for entering numeric values, with up/down buttons and arrow key handling.
- New feature: jQuery ToolTips. Customizable, themeable tooltips, replacing native tooltips. The tooltip supports text formatting and can be assigned to any Web Builder object.

- New feature: The Carousel object (also known as horizontal sliding panels) displays images or any other objects by scrolling the content from right to left using a smooth sliding animation.
It’s a very effective method to increase the web site usability and engage the user. You probably have seen this effect on many popular websites, such as Apple or Blackberry.
Users can step to any specific panel on demand using the pagination icons or browse the carousel sequentially by using the back/next buttons.
The Carousel also has built-in support for mobile devices. On the iPhone/iPad/Android the visitor can use slide gestures to switch between pages!

Login Tools
- New feature: Admin. Create, Edit or remove users online.
- New feature: Change Password. Allows the users to change their password.
- New feature: Edit Profile. Allows users to update their account information.
- New feature: Login. The Login object provides a standard form to login to the protected pages.
- New feature: Login Name. The 'Login Name' object can be used to display the name of the logged in user. You can also specify a different text in case the user is not logged in.
- New feature: Logout
- New feature: Password Recovery. Resend the password, in case the user forgot it.
- New feature: Protect Page. Add this to a page you want to protect.
- New feature: Signup. Allow users to sign-up for your protected pages.
- New feature: Single Page Protect. This object can be used to protect a single page, without the need to setup a database. It works independently from the other login tools.
- New feature: User redirect. This object allows you to redirect the users to a specific page based on their user name.

More details here:

Where can I download Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.0?

How can I buy Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.0?

How can I upgrade from a previous version?

Have fun with this new version!
I'm sure there will be minor issues in the first few days, but we will try to fix them a.s.a.p.

Thank you for supporting Quick 'n Easy Web Builder,