Struggling to embed Summernote editor

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Struggling to embed Summernote editor

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I understand this is a third party product but ask for help incorporating it into Qnewb 10.

I have followed the instructions in the documentation and the Summernote editor files are correctly installed on the server. If I copy the demo from Summernote's web site to a page on my site it works as expected. What I can't do is embed it in the CMS admin extension so it allows editing by a user. I have the editor type set to 'Summernote' but after publishing I just get a plain text entry frame on the web site.

I have tried adding the code snippets from Summernote's site into the object HTML entry in Qnewb and that does make it appear on the page but the whole admin page then appears inside the editor, not just the content field. I'm guessing the code has to be manually edited into cmsadmin.php but would like advice before embarking. I'm no expert in PHP!

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Re: Struggling to embed Summernote editor

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You do not have to edit the code manually.
If you set the editor type to 'summer note' and copy the files to the correct folder on the server then it should work.

This is documented here:

If you need further assistance then I will need your exact configuration, otherwise it's not possible to tell what is wrong.
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