How is Web Builder different from a HTML editor?

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How is Web Builder different from a HTML editor?

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The idea behind this application is to hide HTML from the user. Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is not an HTML editor, but an HTML generator. You don't even have to know there is HTML involved. Just drag & drop images, text and other objects on your page and your page is ready to be published!

Web Builder does not edit the HTML directly, but it uses its own file format (.qwb) to store the information of the website. To export your to HTML you must use the built-in publish tool.
By not using HTML internally, Quick 'n Easy Web Builder can do much more than just generate standard HTML objects: it supports shapes, drawings, navigationbars, rss feeds, photo galleries, ready to use javascripts and much more advanced objects.

If you like you can insert existing HTML to your page using the HTML tools (Page HTML and the HTML object. You can also insert custom attribute or other code to almost any object.

FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc use a document (word processor) method for layout, where you can not pick up objects and drag it where you want it to go on the web page. In Quick 'n Easy Web Builder you can drag and drop the objects anywhere you want. Giving you full control over the layout. You can even put objects on top (or below) other objects!

Traditional HTML editors use Dynamic Page Layout, which means that the first object on the page will also determine the position of the second object. Resizing or moving the first object will affect the complete layout of the page. You can't overlap objects when using Dynamic Page Layout.

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder generates Fixed Page Layout. All objects have a fixed position which is not affected by other objects. This also allows you to overlap objects and give you much more control over the layout of the page.