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Frequently Asked Questions about Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
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Forms FAQ

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How do I create a form with the Form Wizard?

How do I manually create a form?

Why shouldn't I use 'mailto' in the form action?

How do I build my own form processor?
See also the help or manual!

Can I use third party processors?
Yes, you can use any third party form processing service you want.
You can still use with the built-in tools to create the layout of the form and then set the 'action' property of the form to URL of the third party form processing script.
For some services you may also need to add some extra hidden fields. Please consult the documentation of the form processing provider for more information.

PHP code is showing on the page. What is happening?
1. Is the page extension set to PHP (in Page Properties -> Click on an empty area in the page to display the page properties in the lower right corner)?

2. Are you viewing the page in local preview? PHP does not work in preview. The page must be published to a webserver.

3. Does your website support PHP? Is it enabled? Contact your webhost for more details.

4. Did you insert any code at the start of the page yourself? If yes, please remove it.
Note that after changing the page extension, you must republish all pages that are linking to this page, because the file name has changed!

A warning message is displayed: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
This means that there is invalid code at the start of the page.
1. Remove all code (including spaces and empty lines!) you have manually added to the start of the page (Menu->Page->Page HTML->Start of Page).

2. Make sure there is only one form on the page.

3. Remove all extensions that use php (like blogs, news writers, cms etc) from the page.

Emails are not arriving in my inbox...
1. Did the emails end up in spam?

2. Maybe the emails were blocked by your ISP (yahoo and others may block it on the mail server)

3. Does your host support PHP mail?

4. Does your host allow you to send email to the destination email address? Some hosts do not allow you to send emails outside your own domain. Try to use different email address.
You can set a fixed 'from' address in the properties of the form.

5. If changing the email in the form properties address does not work then rename the 'email' editbox to 'e-mail'. This will prevent the script from using the specified email address as the 'from' address.

6. Did you insert any code at the start of the page yourself? If yes, please remove it.

7. If the form does not give an error message then there is most likely a problem on the server side. Please contact your host for further assistance.

If you need our assistance with the configuration of your form, then you will first have to contact your web host and ask them why the emails are not sent.
Only with the feedback of your web host you can solve configuration issues, because different web hosts need different settings!
We cannot help you, if we do not know what the error is.

The email is sent but I do not see the success page.
1. Did you insert any other PHP code to the page? Please remove all other code from the page.

2. Is there more than one form on the page? You can have only one form per page.

Should the success and error pages be PHP?
No. The success and error pages should be as basic as possible with no script or code PHP code.
The reason for this is that the form script loads the content of these pages dynamically (instead of redirecting the user to a different page). This makes it possible to 'process' the page content. For example to display error messages (when the form input is invalid) or variables (submitted data).

The server displays a warning about file_get_contents()
Make sure you have set the success and error page in the form properties!

How do I display the error on the error page?
Insert this text somewhere in the text ##error##
The form processor will replace it will the actual error message.

Not all form fields are in email message:(
1. Are all field part of the form?

2. Do they have valid names? Spaces, commas, dots, dashes and other special characters are not allowed in the names of form fields.

3. Did you use the same name twice?

How do I change the order of the fields in email?
The z-order determines the order of the fields n the email.
You can change the z-order through the Object Manager or by using the Arrange tools (Move to front/Move to back).
Alternatively you can select 'Arrange objects' in the context menu (right click) of the form.

Which value will be used as the 'from' email address?
Normally your form will have an 'email' input field. The form processor script will use this address as 'from' address for the email message.
Note that the name of this field MUST be 'email' (not 'e-mail', 'Email' etc!).
If the form does not have an 'email' input field then the address specified in the 'Email address' property will be used.

Validation does not work
1. Is JavaScript enabled in the browser?

2. Is there other JavaScript code on the page which causes a conflict?
Please remove all custom code.

3. Did you specify conflicting constraints?

CAPTCHA is not working
1. Does your host support PHP's GD library?

2. The CAPTCHA object must be part of a form. And because it uses PHP, it can only be used/tested on a web server with PHP support!.

3. In some cases an error message may be displayed on your website. The message is will look something like this:
Warning: imagepng(): Unable to open './captcha.png' for writing in /../../captcha.php on line x
This problem may occur when the captcha script is placed in a folder on the website. The solution is to change the properties of that folder after publishing. The correct properties are 757 or 777. You can use the built-in FTP client to change the permissions of the folder.
Some web servers that do not allow to set the GDFONTPATH option (used by the CAPTCHA script) through scripting. You can disable this option in Menu->Tools->Options->HTML
4. Another common problem is that PHP sessions are not enabled for the web account. Contact the web host to make sure PHP sessions are enabled and working.

Form element no longer works with events
Please read: ... 10&t=37833

Where do I find more details about forms?
A lot of information is available in the help and manual.
There is also a dedicated section about form on the forum: ... m.php?f=21

Please browse through the existing messages to see if your problem has not been discussed before.