Where do I find the documentation for extensions?

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Where do I find the documentation for extensions?

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All extensions for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder include a PDF document with instructions how to use the extension. The PDF document has the same name as the extension.
For example: the PDF of the newswriter extension is called newswriter.pdf
If you have installed the extension through the Extensions Manager then you may not be aware of where this documentation is stored so here are some tips to help you find it.

On Windows:
\Documents\Quick 'n Easy Web Builder\extensions\

On Linux:
/Documents/Quick 'n Easy Web Builder/extensions

On Mac:
/User/Library/Application Support/Quick 'n Easy Web Builder/extensions/
Note that the library folder is hidden by default on OSX 10.8. To unhide it use this command in terminal
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

To access the help from the software (Mac and Windows only), right click the extension and select 'Display Help' or select the extension and press F1.