Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 1.6 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 1.6 update

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This update of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder has many internal improvements and most notable it features a redesigned color picker that makes it much easier to quickly select a color from the color palette.

What's new in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 1.6?
- Fixed: Photo Album descriptions not saved.
- Fixed: Loading custom templates crashes application if the size of the content is to small.
- Fixed: Parser error 'Script not closed' caused by quotes in script comments.
- Fixed: YouTube player stuttering video caused by 'wmode=transparent'
- Fixed: Buttons in Property Grid are wrongly positioned on Mac OSX.
- Fixed: Invalid paths in extension when the project is moved to another platform.
- Improved: File links in text now also publish the linked file.
- Improved: Better HTML code for Text menu.
- Improved: Removed deprecated 'border' attribute from images.
- Improved: New color picker. Makes it easier to pick a color from the color palette.
- Improved: Help/F1 will now load the help of the selected extension. The Help option is also available in the context menu of the extension (Windows/Mac).
- Improved: Modifications in Property Grid are now also saved when you select another object in the workspace. So you no longer have to select another property first.
- Improved: styles with psuedo classes (:hover, :invalid etc) are now also included in HTML.
- Improved: Updated twitter logos in Ready-to-use-Javascripts ('T' logo may no longer be used according to the Twitter Trademark and Content Display Policy).
- New feature: Added 'Google +1 Button' to ready-to-use-javascripts.
- New feature: Added 'Twitter Follow Button' to ready-to-use-javascripts.
- New feature: Added 'Twitter Share Button' to ready-to-use-javascripts.
- plus many other internal optimizations.

You can download version 1.6.0 here:

Mac App Store users can download the new version via 'Updates' in the App Store.