How do I put (publish) my web pages online?

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How do I put (publish) my web pages online?

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Please first read this tutorial:

To make your web pages available for other users you have to publish them to a webserver. There are lots of hosting companies available, for example:
Make sure you choose a webhost which supports FTP, which makes it much easier to publish your pages from Web Builder.
Once you have registered to a webhost, you will receive a server address, username and password. Enter this information into Web Builder by selecting: File|Publish. Click Add and select Type FTP Server.
Sometimes you also need to specify a remote folder like 'public_html'.
if you have a firewall/router select 'Use passive mode for transfers'.
Click OK to save.

Now you can publish each page simply by selecting Publish.

If you want to view the results of the file transfer, you can view the log file via: Preferences|Publish|View Log.

How to publish on host that offer free web hosting that do not support FTP?
Instead of publishing your webpages directly via FTP, you can also publish your pages to a local folder. Click Add and select Type Local.
Enter a Name and specify a location using the browse (..) button.
Click OK to save.
Now if you press the Publish button, the files will be generated to the local folder.
Next select all the files in the local publish folder and upload them using the File Manager of your webhost (eg geocities, yahoo...).

What to do in case of publishing errors?
- Make sure your ftp address (host) is correct
- Is your username and password ok?
- Does your firewall block the FTP connection of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder?
- Enable 'Use passive mode for transfers'
- Increase the connection timeout to 120 seconds (Tools->Options->Publish)

Why aren't my images displayed on a published page?
- Did you upload the images to the web server?
- Make sure the image names are valid, most web servers are case-sensitive and/or do not support special characters in the file names of images.
- Do your image file names contain white spaces or other special characters? Image names with spaces can cause problems in some browsers and/or web servers, use underscores to connect words instead of spaces.

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