Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 3.1 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 3.1 update

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What's new in 3.1?
- Fixed: Problem with merged object in different breakpoints
- Fixed: Breakpoint data is not cleared for deleted layers.
- Fixed: Copy/Paste objects may remove breakpoint data.
- Fixed: Issue with copy/paste layers and breakpoints.
- Fixed: Visibility issue with Page Header/Footer in breakpoints.
- Improved: Added support for inline PHP in attributes in HTML beautifier.
- Improved: HTML beautifier now also processes the <script> tag.
- Improved: Hidden objects does not affect the size of the content place holder in a master frame.
- Improved: Carousel no longer cancels touch events.
- Improved: Vertical text alignment of Banner (CSS) in breakpoints.
- Improved: Disabled HTML5 frame border for YouTube videos.
- Improved: Added @font-face support for Shape text.
- Improved: Show/Hide panel now also works with timers.
- Improved: Form validation with master frames/master pages.
- New feature: Added support for Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) browser in Preview.
- New feature: Holding down the shift key while moving with key arrows will increase move speed (based on grid settings).
- New feature: Added 'Full width' option slideshow. Stretches the image horizontally and clips it vertically.

You can download version 3.1 here:

The update should also be available in the Mac App Store within a few days.
Note however that we have no control over the exact release date in the App Store.