Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 4.1 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 4.1 update

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What's new in 4.1?
- Fixed: Duplicated images in Slide Show lightbox
- Fixed: Carousel forward-circular/backward-circular now also works in full width/responsive mode.
- Fixed: Several Layout grid issues.
- Fixed: Removed 'position:absolute' for slideshow/lightbox in layout grid.
- Fixed: Size issue with custom profile fields (option) in Signup object.
- Fixed: Issue with responsive columns in Photo Gallery.
- Improved: Full width SlideShow now takes margin and padding of its container into account when calculating image widths.
- Improved: Removed chmod 777 from fomr processor file upload code.
- Improved: Floating layers use display:none instead of visibility:hidden.
- Improved: Added developers API key property to Google Maps Key. More details here: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/suppor ... s2016.html
- New feature: Added background and border properties to Layout grid.
- New feature: Added 'start' and 'stop' actions to the Carousel and SlideShow. This makes it possible to start/stop the slideshow with events.
- New feature: Added 'Close menu on link click' to Responsive Menu and Panel menu.
- New feature: Added spacing and pagination size option to Blog Carousel.
- New feature: Now includes FontAwesome 4.6 with 49 new icons.
- New feature: Added 'offset' option to smooth scrolling in bookmark and layers (incl. layoutgrid, header/footer)
- New feature: Added floating mode to Content Place Holder (overflow->floating). This makes it possible to use the master frames in combination with the layout grid! For more details see the updated master frame tutorial: http://quickandeasywebbuilder.com/master_frame.html

You can download version 4.1 here:

The update should also be available in the Mac App Store within a few days.
Note however that we have no control over the exact release date in the App Store.