Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 6.0.3 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 6.0.3 update

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What's new in 6.0.3?
- Fixed: Incorrect warning in Error Reports for master page with events.
- Fixed: Panel Layer overlay hidden in breakpoints.
- Fixed: z-index problem when using image-overlay in Flexbox Container.
- Fixed: Margin issue in floating layer in workspace.
- Improved: Hidden Inline Frame now uses 'display:none' instead of 'visibilty:hidden' in Layout Grids.
- Improved: It is now possible to use multipe (form) conditions with the same value for "equal to (choice)/not equal to (choice)", so you can trigger different actions for the same value.
- Improved: Form's encoding type defaults to 'multipart/form-data'.
- Improved: Form now removes leading and trailing spaces from email address to prevent validation error.
- Improved: Select below/above now include objects with 0 pixel offset (instead of 1).
- Improved: (drawing) Line offset is now longer affected by default page font-size.
- New feature: Added the ability to change the internal filename via Object Manager->Internal Filename. The internal name is used by shapes, images with effects, logo, merged object etc.

You can download version 6.0.3 here:

The update will also be available in the Mac App Store (this may take a few hours).