Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 6.0.4 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 6.0.4 update

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What's new in 6.0.4?
- Fixed: Page Weight displays wrong 'seconds' value.
- Fixed: Floating alignment does not work with Bootstrap Accordion.
- Fixed: Form events appear twice in Layout Grid.
- Fixed: Crash when using 'More Colors' in text color dropdown menu.
- Improved: Tab's min-width calculation with left/right orientation.
- Improved: Page Footer position calculation in text edit mode when used with master page.
- Improved: Background video in Layout Grid/Layer now includes 'playsinline'. A workaround for iPhone autoplay video limitations.
- Improved: Added hard-coded z-index to modal (jQuery UI) Dialog.

You can download version 6.0.4 here:

The update will also be available in the Mac App Store. This may take a few days because during the holidays, Apple does not process updates.