Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 7.1.2 update

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*** Current version: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0 ***

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 7.1.2 update

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What's new in 7.1.2?
- Fixed: Cloning a page with flexgrid does not include breakpoint data.
- Fixed: Server sided form validation does not throw exception.
- Improved: Added quotes to font-family when using 'Automatically use @font-face'
- Improved: Menubar script is now compatible with 'Move javacripts to end of page' and 'Generate external JS'.
- Improved: use of style/class in image disables inline border defintion.
- Improved: Added undo/redo commands to context menu.
- New feature: Added 'full width' property to Menu Bar for use with Layout grids.

You can download the updated versions here:

The update will also be available in the Mac App Store. This may take a few days depending on how quickly the Apple Review Team accepts the update.