PayPal Shopping Cart

The PayPal Shopping Cart works in combination with the standard PayPal buttons from the Toolbox (Add to Cart and View Cart).
But instead of redirecting the users to the PayPal website, the shopping cart will keep the users on your website until they checkout.

PayPal Shopping Cart
PayPal Shopping Cart will show an icon on the website with a badge indicating the number of items in the cart.
Clicking the icon will display a popup with the contents of the cart and a checkout button.
The object has many styling options and all supported icon libraries can be used for the icon.
PayPal Shopping Cart
Step 1
Add a standard PayPal ‘Add to Cart’ button to the page and configure it as usual.
See also this related tutorial: Adding a PayPal Buy Now button to your website
Alternatively, it's also possible to use events to create PayPal buttons. This means that basically any menu, image, shape, icons etc. can be used as a "Add To Cart" button. See this related tutorial for more information: Ecommerce Events

Step 2
Add the "PayPal Shopping Cart" to the page


The option Use shipping based on weight can be used instead of PayPal's default shipping options. The shipping fee is calculated locally and displayed in the cart instantly (instead of at checkout only).
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