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The built-in Content Management System (CMS) tools within Quick 'n Easy Web Builder come equipped with support for various third-party WYSIWYG text editors such as Summernote, Sunedit, Sceditor, Trumbowyg, and more. These integrated editors, when used with the CMS tools, provide you with a diverse array of content editing possibilities.

We often get the question if the editors can also be used separately (for example as part of a form), so now we've made them available as a standalone object!
Rich text editors are typically not the most common choice for this use with contact forms, because forms usually require a simpler input field for users to enter their contact information, such as name, email address, message, and possibly some checkboxes or radio buttons. Rich text editors are more suited for tasks where users need to format text extensively, such as composing emails, creating blog posts, or editing content for websites. However, if you have a specific use case where you want users to provide formatted text within a contact form (for example, if you want users to submit detailed inquiries or comments with rich formatting options), you can integrate a rich text editor into your contact form. Just keep in mind that it might add complexity to the form and might not be necessary for most standard contact form submissions.

Supported Editors

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder currently supports the following third-party WYSIWYG text editors:


Unfortunately, some editors (tinymce, ckeditor) are no longer free for commercial use and we are not allowed to use the newer versions.
That is why only older versions are supported for backward compatibility.

Download and install editors

The editors are not installed by default, but your convenience we have created setup scripts to make it easier for you to add then to your computer. They are available here:
Step 1
Download the editor you want to use. In this example we are using ckeditor.

Step 2
Unzip the files to a local folder and then manually upload the entire folder to the server.
The folder should be uploaded to the same folder as the CMS Admin page.

Step 3
After uploading the editor, select the 'Editor Type' in the properties and publish the page.
Starting with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11, the software now has the capability to automatically install any missing editors, eliminating the need for manual file copying on your part.

Editor Settings

Most editors have many configuration options. To keep this solution as generic as possible we added this option so you can fine-tune the editor if you wish. Consult the documentation of the specific editor for more details.

Here's an example for the WWB Editor which allows you to modify the toolbar. For the full toolbar you can use the following settings:
'undo': false,
'redo': false,
'bold': true,
'italic': true,
'underline': true,
'strikethrough' : true,
'outdent': true,
'createLink': true,
'unlink' :true,
'insertimage' : true,
'inserthorizontalrule': false,
'cut': false,
'copy': false,
'paste': false,
'forecolor': true,
'hilitecolor': true,
'br': true,
'formatblock': true,
'fontname': true,
'fontsize': true
Here's another example for tinymce. This code enables the 'advanced theme:
theme : "advanced"
This example enables various plugins of tinymce:
theme : "advanced",
plugins : "pagebreak, style, layer, table, save, advhr, advimage, advlink, emotions, iespell, inlinepopups, insertdatetime, preview, media, searchreplace, print, contextmenu, paste, directionality, fullscreen, noneditable, visualchars, nonbreaking, xhtmlxtras, template"
Multiple options should be separated by commas (the last item does not have a comma at the end):
option1 : "string_value",
option2: true,
option3 : numeric_value


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