SVG Path Animation

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder has built-in support for SVG Path animation. This animates the border (stroke) of SVG shapes, polyon, curve, scribble and line. This makes it look like the shape is drawing itself.
Specifies whether to start the animation on page load or when the object scrolls into the viewport (on scroll reveal).
When set to 'none', the SVG animation will be disabled.

Specifies the (approximate) duration of the animation.

Specifies the timing behavior of the animation. For example, to implement bouncing or acceleration effects.

Starts the animation at the end of the shape.

Specifies whether to restart the animation when it's finished.

This makes it possible to set a delay between the animations individual parts of the shape.
This is only useful for shape that have sub paths. Set to '0' to animate all sub path at the same time.

To enable SVG path animation, the output format of the Shape must be set to SVG.
Also, it is recommended to set the background to transparent for the best results.
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