First steps: Getting started with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder

Download Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
Before you can install and start using Quick 'n Easy Web Builder you will have to download it to your computer. Please go to to download the latest version for the software. The software is distributed in .DMG (Disk Image) format.

Install Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
After downloading the .DMG file it often will end up on your desktop or in your Downloads folder.
Double-click the .DMG file to open it up. Another new icon with a name similar to the .DMG file will appear on your desktop. If a new Finder window doesn’t automatically appear, double click on the new icon that has appeared on your desktop. Locate the application’s icon within this new Finder window. Drag and drop it into your “Applications” directory.
Follow the instructions on the screen and then wait for the installation to complete.
A new icon will be added to your desktop called 'Quick 'n Easy Web Builder'.

All your personal files (projects, templates, extensions, themes etc) will be stored in your documents folder: Documents\Quick 'n Easy Web Builder\

Using the trial version
Before you decide to purchase a copy of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder you have 30 days to try it for free.
The trial version is fully functional, so you can design and publish your website just like in the 'full' version.

Trial version limitations:
A 'Built-with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder' logo will be added to all pages created with the trial version.
  You can easily remove this once you have bought a license.
The 'Activation Screen' will be displayed each time you execute the application.
  To skip the activation during the trial period simply to click the 'Skip' button. After you have      
  bought your license you can enter the registration information in the screen to make it dissapear.
Extensions do not work in the trial version. Extensions are an extra service for registered users only.
  You wil have access to many extra extensions once you have purchased Quick 'n Easy Web Builder!

Getting to know Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
To learn more about Quick 'n Easy Web Builder you will usually start by reading the PDF manual and online tutorials.

The help in PDF format is included with the application and can be accessed via Menu->Help>Help.

The Online Tutorials can be found here:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available on the forum:

Purchasing Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
You can purchase your copy of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder via this link:

Activating Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
The 'activation' will convert the trial version into the full version.
After you have purchased a license you will receive your personal registration information by email. This information can be used to actiavte the software.
See also this related FAQ article:

Thank you for trying Quick 'n Easy Web Builder!
We hope you have as much fun using the software as we had creating it!
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