Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.3 update

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.3 update

Post by Pablo » Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:10 pm

What's new in 2.3?
- Fixed: Missing textarea name in form validation message.
- Fixed: Poster image of HTML5 video is not managed by Asset Manager.
- Fixed: Problem with custom regular expression in HTML5 validation.
- Improved: The names of inline frames are now included in target list for links, so you do not have to enter them manually.
- Improved: Added HTML5 support to Vimeo script in Ready-to-use-JavaScript. Thanks to Vimeo support;)
- Improved: Added 'data-height' to Facebook like button script in Ready-to-use-JavaScript, this prevents inline frame overflow.
- Improved: Added opacity support to Rollover Text fade effect in full mode.
- Improved: YouTube video in a lightbox.
- New feature: Added 'Pinterest Pin it' and 'Pinterest Follow' button scripts to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.
- New feature: Added 'Sound Cloud' button to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.
- New feature: Added 'Google Translate' widget to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.
- New feature: Added 'Internet Explorer redirect' widget to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts. Redirect the user to an optimized page for older versions of IE.
- New feature: Added 'Google Static Maps' script to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.
- New feature: Added 'AddThis Share Button' script to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.

You can download version 2.3.0 here:

The update should also be available in the Mac App Store and Ubuntu Software Center within a few days.
Note however that we have no control over the exact release date in the App Store, this is completely in the hands of the app review teams.


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