Lottie Animations

Display lightweight, scalable, and interactive Lottie animations on your websites.
Visit https://lottiefiles.com/ for a huge list of free and commercial animations. Lottie Animations can be triggered automatically, on click, on hover or on scroll. It is also possible to animate frame by frame based on the scrollbar position (parallax).
Animations can be used as standalone element or as background / foreground in layers and layout grids.

Lottie Properties
Specifies the filename of the animation. This can be either a file on your computer or URL.
For example: https://assets3.lottiefiles.com/packages/lf20_RItkEz.json

Specifies when the the animation is played:
none, animation is paused
on load, animation is played on page load.
on hover, animation is played on mouse over
on click, animation is played on click.
scroll, animation is played when the object scroll into view. Trigger Top and Trigger Bottom can be used to set the start and end of the animation in the viewport.
scroll continuous, The animation will be controlled by the position of the scrollbar. So, if you scroll down the page, the animation will be played frame by frame.

Specifies whether to loop the animation.

Show Controls
Specifies whether to show controls.

Play Mode
Specifies the play mode: normal or bounce.

Specifies the animation speed.  For example: 1 or 2.5 or 0.25

Full Width
For use in layout grids only. Specifies whether the animation is full width.

Maximum Width
Specifies the maximum width when full width is true.

Specifies how the animation is displayed inside its container:
relative, the animation will be displayed as standard inline element.
absolute, the animation will be displayed as background or foreground of its container. For example, when it's inside a layer or layout grid. The z-index determines whether the animation is in the background (z-index = -1) or foreground (z-index > 1)

Lottie Animations may not play in local browser preview, due to security restrictions of the browser (CORS policy).
In that case, you will have to publish the page.

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