Responsive Text

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder also has a dedicated "Responsive Text" object. This is a simplified text object. It only supports one type of font, color etc. per object. This makes the object easier manageable in complex layout (for example when using style or dark mode). Unlike the standard text object, styles/classes apply to the entire object, not just the selected text. Also, the object produces cleaner HTML output, because it does not use any inline styles.

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Main differences between standard text and responsive text:

multiple styles, colors, font-family, font-size.
optionally responsive (different font sizes in breakpoints)
more output options (like output as image, font-size fine tuning)
supports images and emojis.
uses inline styles for formatting individual characters.

Responsive Text
one style, color, font-family, font-size
responsive by design (different font sizes in breakpoints)
easier style setup, the style applies to the entire object
no inline styles -> optimized HTML/CSS output.
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